Denim (or ‘de Nimes’ where it originated from) has been a staple ‘cloth’, professional and social alike, for the last century, if not even longer[1. The American Blue jean was invented in 1873, but the existence of Denim predated that.]. However gone are the days where jeans were worn in a bath to mould them to the required leg shape and denim is now rarely worn as work wear, so getting your denim to ‘vintage’ looking age is a much tougher process. Thanks to ‘denimology’ and Diesel, you can now achieve this vintage look with your denim within 30 days. Just30 days. This needs proving…

An enzyme in the Diesel Turbo denim, helps a new pair of jeans develop a vintage, worn in look after thirty days.


Not one to back down from a challenge, Diesel chose Deputy Style Editor Matt Hambly to use a pair of Diesel Turbo Denim jeans for a month, and hence get them to vintage status. To up the stakes, Diesel suggested thirty different ways to make the ageing process more effective, such as putting himself through a carwash and crowd surfing… Could be very interesting indeed.

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