Launched in 1975 and created by perfumer Paul Léger, Gentleman Only by Givenchy with its stylish mix of Vetiver, Patchouli and Leathery notes has become and iconic fragrance, a true classic.

News of a reinterpretation of Gentleman Only was greeted with trepidation at the Ape to Gentleman office – why risk spoiling the legend? In the same breath – change is often good, and we trusted Givenchy to create something equally epic.

The reinvention of Gentleman Only is a freshly spiced fragrance with primary scents of a blend of green mandarin, pink peppercorn, musk and birch leaf. The fragrance is picked up by a background scent of a trio of woods – cedar, vetiver and patchouli. An evocative fusion, which gives the fragrance its incense tones.

An uncomplicated, adventurous yet sophisticated scent – remaining true to its heritage, housed in a stylish flacon with a bluish setting, magnetic and incandescent sheen, and a bottle adorned with a woody-metallic sleeve in gunmetal grey.

The scent and the flacon meet expectations, as does the actor representing Gentleman Only – Simon Baker. A natural charmer, stylish and no doubt popular with the fairer sex – Mr Baker is a fine choice.

So, “why risk spoiling the legend?” – the new Gentleman Only by Givenchy is a fine example, of why.