At the time of writing this post, Geo F Trumper shaving cream is number one in Ape to Gentleman’s Top 10 Shaving Creams list. Quite an accolade when you consider we have tried and tested nearly every shaving cream under the sun.


You may or may not know but Geo F Trumper started his fragrance and grooming business way back in 1875 and has earned six Royal Warrants on its way to present day. They must be doing something right! And they are. Trumper’s Shaving Cream is available in a travel size 75g Tube or a rather handy 200g screw thread tub which doubles up as a shaving bowl. Crucially, I would advise lathering the shaving cream with a (Trumper) shaving brush (you can use your fingers, but don’t) for maximum effect. The result is a thick, rich, creamy (running out of adjectives) lather of epic shaving bliss. Smother your beard with it and marvel at how close and comfortable a shave you can have. Few shaving creams feel like they are hydrating your skin (high glycerin content) while you shave, this does and is.

My favourites are Coconut Oil, Rose and Violet. Equally popular are Sandalwood and Extract of West Indian Limes amongst others. Which ever ‘flavour’ you opt for the result is the same, zero irritation. After over 135 years of perfecting their craft, you would expect these results. You (they are still going strong today, worldwide) and 6 Royals agree.

Available to the world from Niven & Joshua priced £9.50 for a 75g Tube and £16.00 for a 200g Bowl.

Use with the equally good Geo F Trumper Skin Food – a pre-shave cream and aftershave balm in one.