New Lynx Dry+ Sensitive is the first anti-perspirant from Lynx to cater to guys’ sensitive side whilst removing the distraction of underarm irritation. As 57% of men*  claim to suffer from skin that is sensitive to harsh deodorants, Lynx Dry+ Sensitive brings both care and the legendary Lynx Effect to guy’s under-arms.

The clever bods at Lynx know that underarm irritation can really clip guys’ wings in the mating game – so as the weather and the girls get hotter this summer, guys need an effective anti-perspirant that not only leaves them feeling fresh and dry, but also helps prevent any under-arm irritation so they can stay focused on the game at hand.

The dual-moisturising, alcohol free formula contains skin conditioning ingredients, which soften the skin as well as helping to prevent irritation; ensuring guys preserve their pulling power.

Lynx Dry + Sensitive not only cares for guys’ skin, it also works to uplift the senses with its light and bright fragrance combining fruity top notes of apple and cucumber with sensual base notes of sandalwood and amber.

Lynx Dry+ Sensitive is available nationwide with an RRP of £2.90.

*From a September 2009 survey conducted among a representative sample of 1,000 men  across the UK.