1, 2, 3, 4… Beever. “Formulated to the fussy standards set by Steve Beever” – The new range of Beever hair styling products, who have created (in Beever’s words) “a range of products that was born on the salon floor and made by real stylists”. Here at Ape to Gentleman HQ we were treated to the entire product range in the Beever hair styling arsenal:

1. Shaping Paste – Medium hold, semi-sheen finish protector, for short and spikey styles.

Loved by lazy beevers! Smells of Chocolate Orange. Works best in fine to medium: and thinning coarse hair. Easy to apply, perfect for short spikey styles, leaves semi sheen effect and helps emphasise texture.

2. Moulding Clay – Strong hold, matt finish fixer for textured and messy styles.

Ideal for scruffy Beevers! Smells of Tangerine. Best on medium to coarse hair. Offers extreme hold. Heat and moisture resistant. Leaves matt finish thats perfect for short hair, straightened hair, or hair with a slight kink. The ideal choice for creating funky styles.

3. Gloss Putty – Light to medium hold, gloss finish to shape and define all style.

A must for gigging beevers! Smells of Butterscotch. Great for all hair types: suitable for all loose non-committed styles. Great for long hair, dry hair and coarse hair. Perfect for smoothing out frizz and controlling curls. Offers a glossy sheen with light to medium hold that helps add definition on longer styles.

4. Mattifying Paste – Light to medium hold, extreme matt finish that doesnt darken light hair.

A must for surfing beevers! Smells of Lemon Sherbet. Great for all hair types, except very dry porous hair. Doesn’t dull or darken blond hair. Iffers a matt finish when used on  short spikey styles, or a matt texture effect when used on longer hair. Can be mixed with beever No. 1 to provide a firmer hold, with a lighter finish thats less matt.


After giving Beever 1, 2, 3 and 4 a thorough test run through the varying hair styles in the Ape to Gentleman office, we found that No. 1 was our favourite. The medium hold on offer wasn’t too obvious looking but just the right amount of control, however the ‘semi-shine’ effect was the main attribute of Beever No. 1 – leaving our hair looking clean and healthy. Number’s 2, 3 and 4 all performed well too, it’s just a case of matching the right product with your hairstyle – you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.