The Umit Benan Autumn Winter 2011 collection sees Umit take his inspiration from the 80’s Investment banker. We like this parallel because the 80’s Banker, as Umit puts it, is

“punctilious about personal grooming”

– a trait all modern gents should adhere to.


The collection itself features pleated trousers, large elongated lapels and the iconic double-breasted jacket which was a distinct feature in 80’s tailoring. The epitome of Umit’s Wall Street x American Psycho persona is imaginary protagonist Gienchi James:

“My Name in Gienchi James.

I am 27 Years Old.

I Work in Investment banking.

My office is located in the 82nd ST. & Park Avenue.

I believe in taking care of myself in a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine.

Every night I put on my beauty mask.

Each Morning at 6am I wake up to do my stomach crunches; I can do 1000 now.

Once a week I get a shiatsu massage by Mrs Natsuko.

On Thursdays, at Lunch break, I see my Therapist in Canal St.”