You may or may not know that Gillette have released a new razor, known as the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, this is good news – an advancement on the already advanced Gillette Fusion Power razors can only be a good thing for men across the breadth of our planet. If you live in the US then no doubt you’ve come across it, however if you live outside of the US then you won’t have seen it for it hasn’t been released yet and won’t be until next year. Fortunately for our non-US Ape to Gentleman fans of which there are many, I have a cousin who lives and works in New York City in the US – and after a brief email exchange, a transfer of some dollars the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor and Manual version found their way to Ape to Gentleman HQ.

I already wrote about the visuals here, please have a look – briefly, it’s handsome!

First off, the handle is certainly wider and the grip more grippy – there isn’t a huge difference here but that extra width does make it feel more substantial and easier to shave with. The Fusion ProGlide power is my favourite with the gentle vibration soothing the skin – as previously enjoyed on other Gillette razors.

The lubrastrip, which I’m a fan of, on the head of the blade is also larger. The two main additions to the blade which I can see is a small comb, which serves to split the hairs better affording less tugging on your skin. Toward the base of the blade, and I believe this will be most welcome by all Apes and Gentleman there is the ‘Snowplow Comfort Guard‘, a kind of drainage channel. This directs shaven hairs and excess shave gel away from the blade, preventing it from clogging – let it be noted that this does work, a really welcome addition. This ‘drainage channel’ is repeated on the reverse with the precision trimmer for those hard to reach areas such as beneath the nose – not quite as essential here but why not add it. And finally, before you ask, yes it’s still a 5-blade razor!


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor (top and blue) and blade (right)

Gillette Fusion Power Razor (below and white) and blade (left)

The shave itself is certainly smoother with the additional features improving on the already fantastic Fusion razors, with the ‘drainage channel’ avoiding clogging allowing the razor to glide (couldn’t resist) over your skin and the miniature comb sorting hair, strand by strand, allowing the 5-blades to effortlessly swipe through your beard.

In conclusion, a happy beard area on my face – courtesy of the new and improved Gillette Fusion ProGlide. If you live in the US, buy one now! If you don’t live in the US either get a cousin over there to send you one or start getting excited for the release in your country. In the meantime, stick with your Fusion razor – it’s still a great piece of kit.

Available to the world from Niven & Joshua.