This cold weather keeps drawing my eyes towards products which warm on contact with the skin. I’ve been trialling the Polaar Thermo-Energising Mask which is fantastic but for another days review. My latest find and what a find! is the Gillette Thermal Scrub. It’s been sitting on my bathroom cabinet for some time now and only the recent bout of sub-zero temperatures saw it enter my shaving routine yesterday.

The story starts with man’s quest to cut through those unreasonably strong beard hairs with minimal fuss and irritation. You could call it evolution (from Ape to Gentleman) where men have learned that heat (normally from the shower) softens facial hair making it easier to cut…

…the Gillette Thermal Scrub on contact with water and applied to your beard releases heat aka Thermal Energy. Strangely the gel like substance, blue in colour looks more like a cooling balm but in fact it’s the exact opposite. Rub the scrub into your beard and massage the warming gel for a minute or so. The scrub as mentioned, softens your beard hair and also works to clear oil, dirt and dead skin cells which can obstruct your razor`s path and inhibit water penetrating your beard hair.

The Thermal Energy in the scrub is superb… the warming effect it possess is similar (I imagine) to having your own personal masseuse every time you shave. The resulting shave is better and it’s a great treat on a cold morning. At £6.99 for 100ml I thoroughly recommended it.

Available from supermarkets nationwide.