Roger Federer‘s competition are in for a shock when they arrive at Wimbledon this week… a 70 metre portrait of him created by sponsors Gillette.

The 2,800 square metre image has been created in grass using laser guided robots with high-precision technology to plot over 14,000 mapping points required to bring the environmentally friendly image to life. 7 different shades of green specialist grass paint were used to create Federer’s features resulting in the unique portrait.

Over 3,000 litres of diluted paint were used and 1,000 diluted litres of black and white paint to create a 5 o’clock shadow on the 6-times Wimbledon champion’s ‘face’. The team then ‘shaved’ Federer’s ‘face’ by blasting 1,000 litres bio-degradable foam over his ‘face’ before lawnmowers ‘shaved’ him, followed by a tidy up with a giant Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor.


Gillette undertook a similar project in New York earlier this year when a giant billboard image of baseball legend Derek Jeter was also ‘shaved’. Upon seeing the portrait Federer said:

Obviously I have seen myself on posters and on screen before but to see my face shaved into grass was a definite first for me! All the support that I’ve received from the Gillette UK Facebook fans has been incredible and I look forward to a great fortnight of tennis.


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