This New Razor Is The Last One You’ll Ever Need To Buy

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In Greek mythology, Zeus punished Sisyphus for cheating death by making him push a boulder up a hill only for it to roll down again for eternity. Less harsh, but still seemingly endless, is the chore of stubble removal. Maintaining a smooth face requires daily attention. Thankfully, making shaving less of a bother is also a lifelong quest for the experts at Gillette.

GilletteLabs is the advanced tech hub from the world’s biggest shaving brand, where teams of dedicated scientists devote their careers to smoothing out your morning routine. What began with the world’s very first heated razor has evolved with yet another world first: enter the GilletteLabs Exfoliating Bar Razor.

Touted as ‘the last razor you will ever need to buy’ it has a lifetime – yes – lifetime warranty, or, reading the small print, a five-year guarantee on the handle. Well, razor years are more like dog years, so you get the picture. The considered design features a die cast metal handle with a rubberised grip so it won’t slip away, and the solid magnetic stand keeps the razor upright and in the optimal position to dry out between uses (so it stays sharper for longer). And you can always live like Drake and pimp your bathroom sink with the limited edition black and gold handle.

The FlexDisc pivoting head allows the blades to swivel from side to side to contour the face in comfort. With signature five blade technology, each blade is mounted on springs to help them move up and down with ease, while the single precision blade at the rear is made to tackle those awkward areas such as underneath the nose and corners of the mouth. Above the blades is a lubricating strip which reduces friction and irritation, while beneath the blades is a tiny ridged micro comb which lifts and guides the hairs into pole position for a clean cut.

Effortless Exfoliation

Anyone who regularly hangs out in the Ape to Gentleman grooming section should be well versed in the benefits of skin renewing exfoliation. Every day, there is a natural build up of dirt, dead skin cells and natural secretions that accumulate on the skin’s surface. This forms a barrier between the hair follicles and creates extra work for the blade to cut through.

Located just beneath the blades, the green exfoliating bar clears the path for the razor by sweeping away all this debris. Made of durable plastic, the textured ridge design helps to clear any blockages around the pores and the roots of the follicles, this helps prevent spots and ingrown bumps from forming, while the physical action improves micro circulation by bringing fresh blood to the upper epidermis. Removing this top layer also allows products to absorb more efficiently, so you’ll get the full benefit from any moisturiser or serum applied afterwards.

Exfoliation is an excellent pre-shave treatment because it makes shaving easier, and it reveals softer, healthier skin. With the Exfoliating Razor you don’t need to waste time with any messy scrubs or chemical exfoliants that sting – this razor does all the work for you, in one efficient stroke.

All The Right Tools For The Job

Of course, nothing is left to chance at GilletteLabs and the best barbers know that a great shave doesn’t begin and end with the razor. Two new skincare products are designed with the Exfoliating Bar Razor in mind; the Quick Rinse Shave Foam is an alcohol-free, ultra-lightweight formula that rinses off easily, while the Rapid Foaming Shave Gel refreshes the skin with a cooling, soothing sensation.

Both products maximise glide, have a comforting masculine scent and contain skin boosting vitamin B3 and sea kelp. Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, helps hydrate the skin to improve elasticity, while sea kelp is chock-full of antioxidants which protect against environmental stressors like pollution.

Make pushing that rock up the hill a lot easier, and turn being clean shaven into a pleasure, not a chore, with GilletteLabs.

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