The powerful core of Skin Minerals for Men Scrubbing Mud consists of tephras; fine volcanic particles derived from magma. This unique product, using the natural exfoliating action of volcanic particles as the basis of its formulation, is effective for skin on three levels. Sweeping away dead skin cells on the surface, the exfoliation makes way for new skin cells to grow. By unclogging pores, blemishes are prevented and skin appears clearer, leaving behind a firmer-looking, firmer-feeling skin texture.

Chosen because of their natural non-polluted state, tephras then undergo a series of delicate operations. Once carved, crushed, and calibrated, they are micronized into a naturally-exfoliating, feather-light powder. This powder is blended to produce a black exfoliating mud that is naturally loaded with volcanic minerals (Volcanic ComplexTM), and leaves an intense clean to restore skin’s texture from deep within. This triple purifying action was first tested under real conditions on a panel of men affected by recurring ingrown hairs. After four weeks, 70% of the men noted a general improvement in their skin.