Further to my recent coverage of Australian mineral sunscreen brand, Invisible Zinc, I have another mineral suncare product for you. It’s called Glacier Creme, which I must admit did catch my eye on it’s name alone to begin with, but after further investigation I also like the sound of the ingredients and ordered some.

Founded in 1938 Glacier Creme have produced a 30+ SPF mineral sunscreen which claims to offer Naked Protection! Interesting. The sunscreen itself proudly claims the following:

  • Superior 20% Zinc Oxide: technically-advanced, ultra-fine particles reflect the sun’s UVB (burning) and UVA (ageing and melanoma causing) rays.
  • Ancient powers of Sunflower and Tea: soothing botanical extracts that provide antioxidant protection.
  • Enriched with Plankton (Marine Seaweed), Shea Butter and Vitamin E: antioxidants that improve skin smoothness and softness, and retain moisture.
  • Very water and sweat resistant.
  • 75ml/2.7 oz convenient airless pump.


Results wise, I found the

Glacier Creme

to have a slightly strange smell – almost neutral but with a slight odour of an old book, strange. The creme itself was good, very light for normally heavy mineral sunscreen, better than Invisible Zinc on this front. Sun protection was satisfactory, this is almost a given right?  I found that it absorbed into the skin pretty well for a mineral sunscreen and most importantly (for me), there was no irritation of my skin. I like

Glacier Creme

, not only the concept, name and funky website but the ingredients and creme convinced me, that if I needed to, I could wear it on a glacier(or a beach). All in all, a good option if you prefer mineral sunscreen. $25.00 for 75ml/2.7 oz from