If it wasn’t before, Male Grooming should now be a vital part of your day. Remember looking good holds the key to you looking and feeling great, but can also prevent pre-mature ageing of the skin. Every man should have a grooming routine and stick by it religiously. It is no longer acceptable for those who don’t. Male grooming is more than just keeping good hygiene, it’s about looking and feeling your best. It’s an enhancement that we all should take. In this article we walk through the basics of men’s skin care and grooming.

Make sure you know that men’s skin is different from womens and needs different levels of care. Men’s skin has a thicker epidermis the top layer of your skin, which produces more oil that cause blocked pores, blackheads and spots. Knowing your skin type is important in selecting the right skin care routine. Skin is usually described as normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive or combination skin. The basic regime for all types of skin is cleansing, toning, moisturising and make-up. So follow these steps to a better looking face.

Facial Scrub

A Facial Scrub removes ageing dead skin cells and excess oils that clog the pores. Used regularly, they also help prevent in growing hairs and shaving bumps. Use once a week if you have very dry skin, two to three times a week with normal skin and at least three times a week with oily skin. Massage the facial Scrub onto damp skin using a circular motion. Once finished rinse off with running water. Avoid getting the facial scrub into your eyes, and DO NOT scrub the areas around your eyes.


A facial toner is a clear lotion which removes excess oil, reduces shine and tones the skin. Use a facial toner twice a day. First In the morning, use it after shaving and in the evening, after cleansing. Soak a cotton pad with toner and wipe over your face and neck.

Moisturiser: A moisturiser protects and conditions the skin by replacing lost oils. It is a vital product for keeping your skin supple, smooth and young looking. Use it on your face and neck twice a day after toning.


Foundation is used to colour the face and conceal uneven skin tone to give the look of healthy natural skin.Use it on your face after applying concealer. Always wash off before sleeping.


A concealer is used to conceal blemished skin, dark circles under the eye, puffiness and tired skin, giving the look of radiant youthful skin.Use every day or when skin is looking tired. Always wash off before sleeping

by Moh Dehghani- Production Director, Myego Cosmetics.