The above image shows a device that was used by Hollywood make-up artists that allowed them to analyse the face and see exactly where corrections needed to be made on your face. The measuring device was developed by Max Factor an early pioneer of the cosmetics industry.

Max Factor was renown for his work with the film industry and released first cosmetic made specifically for the film industry in 1914 [1. Wikipedia]; a thinner greasepaint made in 12 shades. It was in cream in form and packaged in jars, rather than the thicker stick greasepaints used for theatrical productions.

In modern times men can use electronic devices such as the Lab Series for Men Skin Analyser, to help us with our products selection, which shows just how far technology has come. Today sees the start of Ape to Gentleman’s look into the history of grooming, because after all;

You don’t truly know where you’re going, till you know where you’ve been.

Image: Sublime Things