Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Both men have had the unenviable task of running the UK (and the Labour Party), with countless lose/lose decisions to make, the magnitude of which we would find hard conceive. Even as this is written, Tony Blair is under severe scrutiny for a decision made 7 years ago, that will no doubt be discussed for many, many, many years to come – the war in Iraq.

Yet looking at the man, although somewhat aged, it has to be said he’s looking pretty well. Gordon Brown, must have thought he was in for a more ‘straightforward’ term in office than Tony Blair, but alas, cue ‘ The Recession’. Stress levels of Gordon Brown, while not as prolonged as Tony Blair’s post-Iraq war suffering, must nonetheless be sky-high.

Could this inhuman tolerance be down to their grooming regimes? Well we can’t be sure, but we do know that they groom; Gordon Brown’s aide reportedly left his ‘make-up routine’ in a taxi, and in his prime, Tony Blair admitted to spending more than £1,800 on cosmetics/skincare. Substantial when compared to the average British woman, who spends approximately £195 per annum on make-up and skincare. So who’s skin has handled the stress better, Tony Blair’s or Gordon Brown’s?

Either way, none of these two can compete with Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who looks pretty much picture perfect at 73. His expenditure on male grooming would make Blair’s seem miserly; Berlusconi has had a facelift and a hair transplant (that we know of).