Hair Loss Prevention Tips

There are always plenty of hair loss related questions arriving in  the Ape to Gentleman inbox so we decided to search out one of the leading hair loss authorities in the UK; Dr Reddy hair loss expert at The Private Clinic of Harley Street. We grabbed a moment of his time to extract some top tips which can be incorporated in everyday activity to help maintain the hair you do have and some before and after pictures of a gent who underwent his Third Generation FUE treatment.

  1. Wash hair in warm/cool water
  2. Don’t straighten or blow dry hair and if you do, it helps to towel dry it first and try not to traumatize wet hair
  3. If you are concerned about hair loss or it runs in the family using Regaine daily can help to encourage hair growth and prevent future loss
  4. Medical conditions like anaemia and thyroid abnormailities can cause hair loss- it pays to see your doctor and get a few tests
  5. Hair is made up of keratin (a protein) – a high protein diet always helps
  6. Wash hair at least once a day as it helps to keep the scalp clean and avoid any build up of sweat which would block the pores and cause hair loss. Regular washing also helps in preventing scaly conditions like dandruff
  7. Try not to scratch your scalp with finger nails – this in turn traumatises hair
  8. Evidence suggests that using an SLS free shampoo like aloe vera has some role in preventing hair loss – SLS is a common chemical found in shampoos (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  9. Using a conditioner makes your hair softer and also prevents hair loss- make sure the conditioner is applied to the hair shafts and not to the scalp
  10. Whilst applying hair products like gel and wax – make sure the cosmetics are applied to the hair shafts. If applied to the scalp try to wash off the next morning
  11. It helps to wear a sun screen for your hair or using a hat in mid day sun (11-3.00)

However, if the above fail, the worse happens and you do loose your hair it is probably time to see Dr Reddy at The Private Clinic where he offers a permanent non invasive solution to hair loss called Third generation FUE – the latest in hair loss treatment for men. It is carried out under local anaesthetic and is no more painful than you might experience with Botox injections. The treatment uses patients’ own hair which can be sourced from the back of the head or body e.g. chest hair. A specialised punch which is less than 1mm in diameter is used to extract individual hair follicles from the scalp and then individually inserted into miniscule holes in the treatment area. This treatment has a 100% success rate and costs vary depending upon the individual but generally it will cost between £3,000 – £3,500 (which works out at about £2 per hair).