Today Ape to Gentleman bring you a high-tech hair removal device that can deliver the unheard of for (some) men – permanent hair removal. The E>One, from professional hair removal experts E>Swin, can permanently remove hair to ensure your body is fully streamlined for all sports – from triathlons to swimming – as well as visibly enhancing toned areas of the body including back, arms, legs and chest. Not limited to use on the body the E>One can also be used on facial hair (excluding eyebrows) and on sun tanned skin, as well as varying skin types from pale to Asian skin.  The question is…

How does it work?

Light emitted during the flash is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair follicle which is then converted into thermal energy. This heat cauterizes the vessel connecting to the base of the hair, effectively destroying the hair follicle.

The technology used in the E>One hair removal device is similar to flash lamps used by professionals but smaller, lighter while attaining a simlar level of professional results. You can choose from six levels of intensity depending upon the area of the body and the density of the hair.

The 1st medically approved permanent hair removing device for personal use.

The Treatment

After 10-12 treatments skin should be completely hair free, with only 1 or 2 uses per year required to maintain this smoothness. After the first treatment it takes around a week for the hair to begin falling out. Four weeks later a touch up session will be needed to catch any missed hairs to leave the area completely smooth.


Clinically proven, professional quality results in the privacy of your own home.

Following this initial treatment, the E>One can be used in accordance to your hair growth – although for most people this would be every 6-8 weeks. By doing this, after 4 or 5 sessions, shaving becomes almost superfluous and after 10 treatments, the area in question should be completely hair free – permanently… The days of the ‘Hairy Ape’ are numbered.

The E>One from E-SWIN costs from £1,299 /€1499 and is available now online.