While we’re on the theme of graffiti art I’d like to introduce Paris based designer Aïssa Logerot.  Graffiti art often gets portrayed in a negative light (excuse the pun), and lets face it, some graffiti artists choice of ‘canvas’ for their work has understandably rubbed some people up the wrong way. Aïssa Logerot has discovered away for graffiti to be performed unobtrusively with the help of LED lights and light writing.

Light writing, a method that was employed almost 100 years ago by Pablo Picasso, is a photographic technique that involves slowing down the shutter speed so the full motion of the light source is captured. Halo is a LED light on a ‘spray can’ specially dedicated to light writing. Graffiti artists can write in the same way as they would using a normal spray can. The artist can even change the light colour and light intensity by changing the nozzle on the Halo.

The Halo spray can pays true homage to the art of graffiti writing; when you’re running low on light, much like you would with a traditional spray can, simply shake the can to give the LED renewed vigour.