There are very few brands which have or are capable of changing an industry. Apple changed the face of the music industry with the iPod and iTunes, Facebook altered how the world socialises and interacts, and Starbucks reinvented the coffee shop. Well, to get overly excited about a brand is not our usual style but with Hanz de Fuko, it’s totally justified – the hair styling products industry has just been changed forever.

Launched in February of 2009, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District by creative renegades David Alfonso and Christopher Zent; the childhood friends have fostered creativity and individuality into a seemingly over-saturated market. It’s time to throw away your old, greasy, sticky, un-washable and chemical ridden product – and replace it with the game changer that is; Hanz de Fuko.

The concept behind Hanz de Fuko was to create truly effective, “one-of-a-kind” hair care products – with a ‘cool’, artistic twist. Every product in the range, from the natural shampoo and conditioner, to all seven styling products posses organic ingredients and inventive, results-driven brilliance.

Hanz de Fuko have re:engineered the best “pomades, clays, creams and waxes” available, by rendering them water soluble and ridding them of all harsh chemicals and preservatives. They have even taken the old favourite; the standard hair gel and made it “flake free” and infused sugar derivatives for a remarkable hold. They have also revolutionised our perception of clean, healthy hair by producing the most naturally effective shampoo and conditioner on the market today; with a pair of products which are “pH balanced”, free of sulfates, parabens, and salts. To quote Hanz de Fuko, they produce:

“Original formulations for the one of a kind individual.”

The range has plenty of depth, offering hair styling solutions and product variations for any style. Prices are more than reasonable, as are quantities – regardless, you will be sold on the quality and results of each product. You will find all the products, along with some individual detail below:

The Hanz de Fuko Range

  • Natural Shampoo (£14.00/ 237ml) – A natural and effective cleanser for getting hair looking and feeling its healthiest with shine. The formulation begins with 16+ pure natural plant extracts and 10+ amino acids.
  • Natural Conditioner (£14.00/ 237ml) – Designed to get hair looking and feeling its thickest with strength. The formulation begins with 16+ pure natural plant extracts and 10+ amino acids.
  • Scheme Cream (£16.00/ 56g) – Medium Hold, Medium Shine, for hassle-free hair grip with versatility. It provides a light shine minus the weight or oiliness associated with other forming creams. Great for creating pliable styles with natural texture.
  • Hybridized Wax (£16.00/ 56g) – Medium Hold, Satin Shine for those wishing to be wildly inventive! A water based styling wax with custom blended polymers to provide separation, texture and control with iridescent mica for shine.
  • Sponge Wax (£16.00/ 56g) – High Hold, Matte Finish, a wax formulation for achieving a balance of flexibility and firmness with a matte finish. Unique ingredients combine for styling creativity with long-lasting, pliable hold.
  • Modify Pomade (£16.00/ 56g) – Medium Hold, High Shine, for an ultra-lightweight healthy shine. Hanz de Fuko have modernised the traditional pomade for all day style control on wet or dry hair. It creates texture and shine on all hair lengths for creating that ‘finished’ look – think Don Draper. It’s also humidity-resistant, and washes out easily.
  • Quicksand (£16.00/ 56g) – Almost Gravity Defying, with aDry Matte Finish. This revolutionary hair styling product adds volume, absorbs excessive oil and adds texture with zero weight. It provides lift for second day hair and is ideal for creating textured styles.
  • Gel Triq (£16.00/ 56g) – Extreme Hold, High Shine. This extreme hold gel is perfect for short dramatic styles or for total control over longer hair for the entire day. It dries quickly, won’t flake and leaves hair with a high – shine finish. A little goes a long way.
  • Claymation (£16.00/ 56g) – Super High Hold, Matte Finish. Made with a touch of Quicksand, this “clay-wax” hybrid provides super high-hold with pliability for achieving perfect, semi-matte hairstyles.

We’ve tried them all, and choosing a winner is tough – to say the least. We did all take a shining to the Sponge Wax, a good mix of hold, matte finish but still very pliable – so much so, it went straight to the summit of our highly-coveted Top 10 Hair Styling Products for Men list.

The whole range has a healthy, clean aroma to it – nothing too overpowering like you get with brands such as Fudge, so you’ll able to smell your favourite fragrance whilst ‘wearing’ Hanz de Fuko in your hair. The branding is spot on too, very cool and arty – as the founders intended, almost the perfect fashion accessory. To make matters even more impressive Hanz de Fuko is: Made with Certified Organic Ingredients, Natural Plant Extracts, Powerful Antioxidants, Essential Oils, Key Vitamins and Amino Acids, is Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, does ZERO Animal Testing and is Made and Manufactured in the U.S.A. Even the manufacturing process and packaging are beyond eco-friendly.


To revisit my opening sentence, “There are very few brands which have or are capable of changing an industry.” – Hanz de Fuko is such a brand. The quality; from branding to results and options available within the range – the whole offering is second to none. Hanz de Fuko stands head and shoulders above any compeition in the men’s hair styling products market, so much so – it’s rumoured that Mr David Beckham is a fan. If that’s not enough, try it for yourself – you’ll see what all the fuss is about.