Jet Moc 3 Canvas Loafer in Bordeaux – £275

It’s not often a brand establishes itself in less than a decade yet it is a feat which Harrys of London have achieved. The brand, renowned for quality, integrity and creativity is lead by CEO Giuseppe Bonfiglio and Creative Director Kevin Martel who have successfully managed to marry traditional cobbling techniques with the latest footwear technology.


Downing Gloss Calf Blue Sole Loafer – £295

Harrys of London shoes are timeless, innovative, stylish, comfortable and importantly; robust. A partnership with legendary Italian outsole manufacturers Vibram means pounding the pavements of London or New York won’t take its toll on your favourite pair of shoes.


Harrys of London recently opened at London’s Royal Exchange

Harrys of London have stores in London’s Mayfair, Burlington Arcade and the the Royal Exchange. You can also purchase footwear at select locations in Kuwait, Japan and the U. A. E or online at