Having recently re-launched the Head & Shoulders range with an improved formulation designed to better prevent dandruff and give prolonged freshness, a challenge was proposed by the staff at their offices, a challenge we duly accepted. The task was simple; on day one, use your regular shampoo and conditioner, go about your day as usual, and report when you felt you’d lost that ‘fresh’ feeling. Day two; substitute your shampoo for Head & Shoulders’ newly formulated Classic Clean shampoo and conditioner, enjoy a refreshing breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon smoothie delivered by the team and note the results.


Day 1 – starts well enough, but by 1pm we’re starting to get the feeling that a quick freshen-up in the shower would set us up better for our afternoon meetings.


Day 2 – and after an early start with Head & Shoulders new Classic Clean shampoo and conditioner we enjoy a refreshing Grapefruit and Blueberry salad washed down with several cups of Lemon Verbena Tea from The Wolseley. Lunchtime rolls round and we follow our Organic Chicken Salad with several sprays of Ren’s Tonic Moisture Mist, which freshens up our faces with its blend of Rose Water, Fig Extract and Ginseng Root. By late afternoon we’re finishing off the last duties of the day with a Crussh smoothie in hand and an enduringly clean head of hair on our heads.


Quick and reliable, the Head & Shoulders range continues to be an industry leader and with its improved formulation now available in a number of shampoos and conditioners, looks set to remain a staple part of many a man’s grooming regime for years to come.