Ape to Gentleman’s focus is to help convert all ‘apes’ into modern gentlemen, and what better way to do that than with Udeshi’s ‘Hero Piece’ collection. The collection represents the functional style catering for the needs of the modern gent. Every piece of the collection has been designed with careful consideration for actual use of the product. The epitome of this ideal are Udeshi’s stingray skin card holders; striking and individual in appearance but created from only thirty skins which made the grade in terms of quality and designed to prevent magnetic interference between credit cards and Travelcards.



The collection consists of a range variety of from Velvet dinner jackets to cutaway collar shirts and accessories including purple suede loafers and Jolly Roger scarves, each with distinct commonality; namely that nothing is created purely out of aesthetic considerations. Every piece will have included subtle but considered touches to make it more comfortable, durable or functional while maintaining the quality of construction, and an air of luxury.



The ‘Hero Pieces’ are available in Udeshi’s Mayfair and Milan Stores.

For more information visit www.udeshi.co.uk

Photos: Rich Hendry