Hey Dude Skin Care (no seriously, that really is the name) is an American line of men’s skin care products designed to give today’s man the essential tools he needs to combat the natural effects of aging and external conditions upon his face and body.  Made from high quality organic ingredients like hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients, Hey Dude Skin Care products perform the most vital of functions to help a man protect, repair, and maintain his skin – Functions that include moisturising and cleansing deeply into the cellular level of a man’s facial skin.

The jewel in the crown of the hey dude range is their ‘4 Your eyes only’ eye cream. A hydrating eye cream that boasts a powerful combination of active ingredients designed to both moisturise and repair/protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.  The eye area lacks the natural oils that appear elsewhere on the face. 4 Your Eyes Only eye cream aims to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, while strengthening capillary walls.

Key Ingredients Benefits

– Purified Water No longer contains bacteria or minerals
– 100% Hyaluronic Acid Softens, repairs, and protects ALL skin types, drawing moisture from the air and reducing dryness ;and irritation; Naturally occurring oils found in pores without benefit of hyaluronic acid present may cause infection, leading to different types of blemishes and signs of aging, including wrinkles
– Jojoba Oil Emollient and water binding agent
– Apricot Kernel Oil Emollient prevents evaporation and provides lubrication to the skin’s surface
– Squalane A natural extract found in olive oil, boasting regenerative and moisturising capabilities
– Arnica Montana A dried flower used to treat bruising and to reduce swelling
– Vitamin K1  Strengthens eye area’s capillary walls to lighten dark circles
– Oxido Reductases Powerful anti-oxidant agent that helps to reduce oxidation; It also acts as a free radical scavenger
– Soy Peptide Natural amino acid refines skin’s texture
– Hydrolysed Rice Bran Extract Natural plant derived protein anti-oxidant, with superior water binding properties
– Ethylhexlglycerin Natural preservative from vegetable
– Oil of Kumquat Essential oil used for its natural fragrance