I have always believed that when someone dies, rather than prolong your mourning, you should take an opportunity to celebrate their life and reflect on what they meant to you. Alexander McQueen for me signalled a change in my understanding of fashion; both fashion in general and my own personal sense of style. In 2005 I was still meandering through my Vivienne Westwood phase when I saw McQueen’s Autumn /Winter 2005 collection; on the whole it was typically McQueen, different and challenging, featuring brightly coloured Parka’s with oversized fur collars and asymmetric fastenings, and so begun my new fixation.


Ironically, it was a fixation who’s end coincided with the birth of his ‘McQ’ range; that said one collection that will always live long in my memory of Alexander McQueen is his Spring/Summer 2007 runway. It was one of those shows, where every piece you looked at was a winner.