Today Ape to Gentleman brings you the first in a series of special videos from the US No 1 Dating Coach Adam Lyons about how to attract women. We’re hoping that by following his instructions, we can help you get that special Lady in your life just in time for Valentines (or afterwards if you’re feeling the VAT pinch).

First I think it only fair we tell you a bit about Adam…  Adam had the experience of being voted least likely to ever get a girlfriend in high-school. As a kid his hobbies included playing Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Live Action Role Playing and it seemed that this prediction would come true until he discovered the pick-up artist community in 2005. Since then it’s fair to say that Adam has been making up for lost time; winning numerous accolades in the ‘Pick-up’ arena including being voted the World’s Top Relationship Coach on 10 global lists.


Adam had turned the art of attracting women into a strategy which he has employed to great effect. He has many helpful rules to set you on your way, such as, “pre-selection is the idea that if you have people surrounding you that want you, others will begin to want you”.