If you are a guy who swears by your trusted vintage razor then it is important that you take care of the product in order to get the best use of it. One of the key ways to ensure it is always kept working at its optimum level, is to clean the razor effectively.

For those who have recently purchased an old safety razor, then it is equally necessary to clean and sterilise it before use. Whatever your situation, take a look at the following steps and bear these in mind when cleaning the blade.

Prepare your cleaning equipment

To clean the razor you need to gather together:
A bowl or container filled with hot soapy water, a mild solution of borax (with dash of salt) in a pan, aluminium foil, a few old toothbrushes or pipe cleaners, a metal polish such as Maas, some paper towels and a soft cloth.

Soak the blade in soap water and borax

Firstly, you should soak the blade in the soapy water for a while before scrubbing it clean with the toothbrush. If you have a blade that comes in more than one part, dismantle before soaking.

Get rid of any excess gunk, being careful when handling the razor head so the finish is not scratched in any way.

Then rinse and soak in the pan (lined with aluminium foil) containing the borax solution which is at near-boiling point. You can leave the razor there for up to an hour.

Polishing the blade

The final stage is to use a tiny amount of the metal polish by applying it to another toothbrush, making sure to clean the handle well. Make sure you wash this off before shaving though, as it tends to burn freshly-shaven skin. Lastly, you can use the cloth to get the vintage razor all nice and shiny – then job done!