Valentine’s ‘season’ is one of those occasions where Gentlemen (particularly single ones) tend to suffer a dip in confidence. A European survey shows that 62% of men considered balding to affect their self esteem, that said from listening to everyday conversation, I’d have to say I’m surprised that percentage isn’t higher.

Ape to Gentleman are here today to give you a pat on the back. You see Gents, even the great Marlon Brando suffered a receding hairline from a young age, yet he was one of the most idolised male figures in history – and still is. Granted this is an extreme example but a feat that is there to be repeated by a modern day equivalent.

There are ways to help you deal with a receding, some of which are outlined in the playful video below. However, truth be told there is no greater way combat to hair loss than confidence.

Have an image in your head about how you perceive yourself and your confidence will project that aura.

It can also help to grow facial hair, even if it is just stubble, to counterbalance the hair loss visually. Stay tuned on Ape to Gentleman for our extended guide on “How to Deal with Hair Loss”.