Have you ever arrived at the fragrance counter of a department store and being overwhelmed by choice? The overly helpful shop attendants hovering over your selections, spraying 5 to 10 scents in your direction, causing havoc with you nasal sensory? If you’ve answered yes to any of the aforementioned then Ape to Gentleman may have the answer, well not us but Aramis & Designer Fragrances who have developed ASCENT, the first interactive mobile application that reveals your ‘Perfume Personality’.

A “high-touch”, innovative mobile application that brings the fragrance buying experience into the world of emerging technology. By utilising a series of thought-provoking images, sounds and colours founded on the art and science of fragrance, ASCENT helps you discover a scent that reflects your true perfume personality. Based upon the powerful message of aroma-chology, psycho-graphics and kinesthetics it embodies the magic and emotions of scent. Once your perfume personality is revealed – whether sophisticated, casual or seductive – a scent can be recommended that is personally suited to you.