While teeth have always been a poignant grooming issue for men it seems that invisible braces have become the latest craze amongst men searching for the perfect pearly whites. Whilst women have usually been perceived as leading the way in beauty trends, new research by The Hospital Group has shown that men are also seeking the perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile.

The group reported a large increase in the number of men enquiring about having invisible braces during the start of 2010- with a massive 700 per cent increase in actual procedures performed in 2009, compared with the previous year.

The number of women opting to straighten out their smile in 2009 rose by 52 per cent, compared to 2008.  The number of men however, opting to cover up damaged and stained teeth with Nusmile Veneers rose by a massive 506per cent last year.  With celebrities like Simon Cowell choosing to have cosmetic dentistry, it’s no surprise that many men have followed suit in an effort to achieve that perfect smile. Teeth whitening procedures were also up during 2009- with male whitening increasing by 150 per cent as opposed to just over 100 per cent for women.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “Many celebrities have realised how important their smiles are and gone to a cosmetic dentist to perfect it. Tom Cruise is said to have invested in the invisible brace to get his flawless smile.

Mr Ross added: “So many people suffer from low self esteem and are afraid to smile because they dislike the way their teeth look, be it in colour or shape. Correcting any of these problems will often help a patient to have new found confidence.”