Bushy eyebrows are a problem for most men, as they are mostly neglected. As we regularly cut and trim our hair we should do the same for our eyebrows. Neglected eyebrows can hinder your look, but by taking the time to groom those forgotten about eyebrows you can take years off your appearance and give the impression of a healthy clean looking face.

There are many different problems when it comes to men’s eyebrows. Listed below are the most common problems and their solution that men face. Remember we aren’t trying to create a perfectly feminine brow but a well groomed masculine one.   We first suggest investing in a good set of tweezers that really grip the hair. Before using the tweezers run them under the hot tap to sterilize them. Hair is at its softest after a hot shower, just like when you shave after a hot shower it is the same for your eyebrows. The hairs will come out much easier and be less painful. The tools mostly used for grooming male eyebrows are wax strips and tweezers.


With your fingers or a comb brush the hair upwards and gently trim them making sure you do not cut them too short. Any stray hairs that look too long or out of place give them a firm tug with the tweezers making sure to remove them in the direction of growth. If there are a lot of hairs on top of the brow use a wax strip which will remove the hairs more easily and stay smoother for longer. If you have any hair under the arch of the brow make sure you pluck
them out to give a clean look.


A mono-brow is where the two eyebrows meet in the middle to create the effect of one eyebrow giving a sinister appearance. The eyebrows should start in line with the inside of the eye. To remove a mono-brow the easiest way is using a wax strip placed in between both eyebrows. Making sure when removing the wax  strip it is quickly removed upward making sure the skin is held tight.


If you have any hair under the arch of the brow make sure you pluck them out to give a clean look. If any grow too far down your temples pluck those out too. If they grow down to low past the eyes they can give the impression of sad eyes.  So make sure they don’t travel to low.

Myego brow is ideal for those who suffer from long or bushy brows. Quick and easy to use for those who want the look of well groomed eyebrows with minimum effort. Myego Facial wax strips are a quick and long lasting way of removing hair for up to 3 weeks.

by Moh Dehghani- Production Director, Myego Cosmetics.