We’re back with the moustache and this time it’s a tool designed to help you maintain and cultivate your ‘tasche to perfection. The reasons for having a ‘tasche are growing by the year; besides their obvious visual appeal, there is Movember, Moustache March, Febeardary (not sure if this strictly counts, but you could still have a ‘tasche) and I’m sure we have more moustache months to come.

Today we look at the Dovo Moustache scissors, designed specifically for keeping that ‘tasche in control. Up to 165 production steps (only a few of which are by machine) are necessary to manufacture Dovo scissors and they are crafted using the finest steel at the Dovo factory in Solingen, Germany, established in 1906.  From the raw material mined from a Solingen forge, to the finished product, the Dovo Scissors are crafted by skilled workers into the cutting tools that provide exemplary performance, are well balanced and built to last.


The forged Dovo stainless steel moustache scissors measures 4 ½ inches and in case you forget what the scissors are for, it has the word ‘Moustache’ conveniently etched on the blade. More expensive models feature a finger rest to help steady your hands as you trim, which can be removed if desired.

The edge of one blade is micro-corrugated with very fine, almost invisible serrations etched into the blade edge by hand to help hold the hair in position, enabling the blade to give a cleaner and better cut. The other blade is honed smooth to razor sharpness to accomplish very precise styling.


Now there’s no excuse for not have your ‘Tasche looking as pristine as Tom Selleck’s by Movember, you have plenty of time. An old English proverb says “A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”. Judging by the lack of ‘tasche I’ve seen around of late, I’m guessing most modern men prefer their tea sugar free.