Men are habitual creatures, and mainly groom out of necessity rather than for any other reason. As such unavoidable activities, like shaving, are often at the forefront of men’s grooming regime. Today I’m going to focus on another necessity (that said, not all men consider it so) which is the process of cutting nails. Hands are the first point of contact in most occasions and as such it’s important that the hands are well looked after; well moisturised (to be covered in a later post) with nails clean and cut (not chewed) to a *reasonable length. As men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails and tend to be stronger, it is imperative that you choose the right nail clipper to get the job done. The right choice in clipper will also ensure a clean cut, and hence a neater finish. Here are 3 of the best.

Merkur – Nail Clippers


Like all Dovo & Merkur products, these nail clippers are built in accordance with the extremely high standards of the Solingen ordinance. Built to last by Dovo of Solingen, Germany these clippers offer unrivalled build quality & precision. The unique clipping system ensures toe & finger nails are accurately cut. As an added bonus, the clippers come complete with a leather protection case to keep it safe while in transportation.


Rubis – Twist Nail Clipper


Rubis Nail Clippers are the sharp, safe and precise. Rubis made their name crafting precision tools for the Swiss watch and weapons industries. Such is the quality of the Rubis craftsmanship, their tools are used by watch makers Patek Philippe, Cartier and Rolex. 25 years ago they branched out into beauty tools using the same factories and skilled craftsmen and as a result we have the distinctive Rubis Twist. Made of anti-acid, stainless surgical steel and with tempered blades, these clippers can cut through nails of any thickness without the nail splitting.


Tweerzerman – Deluxe Nail Clipper set


Founded in 1980 with roots in Solingen, Germany Tweezerman have established themselves as experts in the world of tweezers and clippers. These extra durable, heavy duty clippers specially designed for men come conveniently packed together in a set of both fingernail and toenail clippers. Both clippers feature sharp, strong cutting edges for precise, straight cuts and long lasting use. Such is Tweezerman’s belief in the quality of their product, they offer a free sharpening lifetime guarantee.


*What is the reasonable length? Certainly debatable, but personally I think it’s with approximately 2mm of white nail showing. Any less can look make nails look raw, any more making nails look unkempt.