The handshake is more often than not a gentleman’s first point of physical contact with another person, and hence a vital part of the overall first impression you leave with that person. While some men still find it ‘unmanly’ to use moisturisers, inevitable trips to the bathroom and general everyday tasks will dry out your hands. Now back to the handshake; granted you don’t want them to have to wipe their hands after shaking yours (greasy moisturisers), but then shaking a coarse dry palm doesn’t exactly leave a good impression. So what to do? Today Ape to Gentleman looks at 3 of the best, quick drying, hand moisturisers to keep in your briefcase (Backpack for the Apes) so you can avoid both the slimy and crusty handshakes.

ClarinsMen Active Hand Care


This non-oily formula uses Provitamin B5, Allantoin and extracts of Purslane to repair and protect your hands. Developed specifically for men, the ClarinsMen Hand Care helps to calm irritations, nourishes dry skin and fights calluses on your hands.

Lab Series Active Hand Cream


Formulated for all skin types, the Lab Series Active hand cream, uses electrolytes to energise and revitalise skin`s appearance. The fast-acting hand treatment hydrates and repairs dry skin on rough hands without the greasy after-touch.

Read more about Lab Series Skincare for Men.

Polaar “Get A Grip” Hand Care


Polaar Get A Grip Hand Care has been specially formulated to refresh and instantly dry out sweaty hands. The formula moisturises and conditions skin whilst instantly alleviating damp and clammy palms. The far North Icelandic Lichen and Mannitol in the formula moisturise, while the Aloe Vera to calms and soothes your hands. Hydrophilic Powder provides the unique instant drying effect which, it has to said, is very impressive.

N.B These are lightweight hand moisturisers for those with normal skin. For those with more severe Dry Skin conditions fear not; Ape to Gentleman will be back shortly with a selection especially for you. Watch this space.