There are four concepts you must understand in order to get a good shave.

Concept number 1, Cleanliness.

If you’re using an electric razor the skin must be clean and dry.  If you’re using a manual razor the skin must be clean and wet.  Getting rid of all the dirt and debris from the skin will allow a blade to cut closer, its as simple as that.

Concept number 2, Reduction.

Don’t think of shaving as eliminating hair, but rather reducing it.  The degree you want to reduce will then dictate how to reduce, and how much time you will need to take in reducing it.


Concept number 3, Pressure.

Or rather, the lack of it.  Modern cartridge razors, and to a lesser extent electric razor design, can compensate for too much pressure, but only to a certain extent.  Simply easing up on the pressure your razor puts on your skin can make a noticeable difference in the quality of your shave.

Concept number 4, Direction.

The more blades your razor has, the more important this concept becomes.  Take the time to not only discover the directions your hair grows in, but also the terrain of the skin, like moles or scars.  You should always begin a shave by shaving with the direction of the hair, to reduce the bulk of hair comfortably.  If you want to reduce more, then try shaving across the grain.  Think of it like a golfer getting to know the twists and turns of a golf course.  And shoot for par instead of trying for a hole in one every time.

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