The curse of dreaded, ‘unreachable’ back hair – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that others can’t. Luckily for most in this country, the temperamental weather does not allow people to bear their bodies too frequently (try telling that to the hardened football fans), but when eventually unveiled, the last thing people want to see is a mane of hair flowing on your back.

Men suffer from varying amounts of back hair; from the short almost colourless hairs, to in the extreme, full on ‘Ape’. The ‘Electric Back Hair Shaver’ from unconventional hair razor specialists Mangroomer, gives men a way to maintain a more sightly back. While this razor might struggle with those in the ‘Ape’ back hair category (waxing may well be a better ‘long’ term solution), it allows regular up keep of those back hairs for those with less severe growth.

The Razor has an extendable, bendable handle which allows the user to landscape their upper and lower back with relative ease.

The Electric Back Hair Shaver features:

1.5 Inch Blade
Cutting edge blade design enables extremely close and smooth results

Cutting Edge Design
Sleek, Lightweight, compact design goes from discreet to fully extended?

135 Degree Opening
Unique design allows you to reach all areas of your back

Extendable Handle
Fully extendable and adjustable handle locks into place at various lengths

Some see extensive hair growth as a sign of virility, but for those that simply prefer a more streamlined back, or for the professional swimmers among us,  Mangroomer could well have the answer.