Fragrance duo D.S. & Durga have created a unique collection of unisex eau de parfums, also known as ‘aromatic epics’. The collection, named HYLNDS invokes locations on our planet where the otherworld seems near – the mythical border regions of early Northern European cultures: Norse, Orcadian, Scotti, Celtic, Pict, Manx and Angle. Memories of the these locations are created by unique materials; plant extracts, precious balsams and select ingredients.

D.S on the creation of HYLNDS:

“I fell down the rabbit hole of the The Wanderings of Oisin by W.B. Yeats, found a rich ancient world, and wanted to conjure it up with otherworldly aromas.”

The Scents

Bitter Rose, Broken Spear

Aromatic materials from the lands of the Red Branch knights and their travels to prehistoric Scotland – smelted iron, larch wood, thistle – emboldened with bitter rose and amber.

  • HYLNDS: embers, wild mountain thyme, cubeb
  • MDLYNDS: bitter rose, thistle, nutmeg
  • LWLNDS: smelted iron, amber, larch

Isle Ryder

A call to the fabled isles of archaic Norse and Celtic myths. Resinous Norway spruce and fir cones with narcotic jasmine, island wildflowers, honeyed mead and bulrush straw.

  • HYLNDS: poplar bud, fir cones, meadowsweet
  • MDLYNDS: golden gorse, jasmine, norway spruce
  • LWLNDS: mead, woodruff, bulrush straws

Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake

A chilling air of wood, water, stone, and shrubs that grow on a mythic mountain in Armagh.

  • HYLNDS: fog-on-stone, water pepper, lichen
  • MDLYNDS: heather shrub, beechwood, marsh violet
  • LWLNDS: coastal air, chilled water, purslane

Spirit of the Glen

Created in collaboration with The Glenlivet, using the rich history, flora, and pristine whisky of legendary Speyside, Scotland, home of The Glenlivet. This unisex eau de parfum uses accords taken from all aspects of whisky production: fruity-green Speyside spirit, aged Limousin oakcasks, charred bourbon barrels, and wild pineapple weed. Spirit of the Glen starts fresh,releases wood in the heart, and dries down to a rich vanillic wood reminiscent of the lingering finish of The Glenlivet 18.

  • HYLNDS: new make spirit: pear, grass, pineapple weed
  • MDLYNDS: barley malt, charred bourbon barrel, sherry cask
  • LWLNDS: limousine oak, wild chamomile, hay