As winter approaches, luxury fragrance brand IDEO Parfumeurs are launching their 5th scent for men -Tarbouch Afandi.

Ideo Parfums | B EDP Tarbouch Afandi.jpg

This unique scent explores the history of the atelier and aims to reflect the tradition of Morocco in the 1930’s as well as the native honeyed-tobacco of Egypt. Its name, ‘Tarbouch’ refers to a classic gentlemen’s hat whilst ‘Afandi’ means both ‘Sir’ and mandarin-a core note in the fragrance.


Tarbouch Afandi boasts golden layers of honeyed tobacco blended with ripe green mandarin, bringing a bold freshness element to the scent. Essence of pine and peppermint add intensity to the blend whilst also balancing its powerful tobacco notes before illuminating it with Lebanese cedarwood and tones of violet leaves.

This new mens fragrance is available now with an RRP of £140 for a 100ml bottle.