“The Illuminum collection is for those days when you are in the mood for something exquisitely simple and stylish.” Michael Boadi

British perfumer Michael Boadi is launching a new fragrance range named Illuminum. It’s a collection of sixteen scents following the lines of “chic simplicity”. Each perfume has eight premium ingredients extracted from the highest quality sources. This follows on from Boadi’s launch of the superb Boadicea the Victorious to international acclaim in 2008.

The fragrances are split into four categories: Musk Collection, Floral Collection, Citrus Collection and the Oud Collection. Each collection has four offerings. The two that standout for me are Piper Leather and Wild Tobacco…

Piper Leather: The dark, demonic whipcrack of leather is central to this fragrance. Flanked by Black Pepper and Coriander at the top and Olibanum and Civet underneath; this is a dry, luxuriant and deviant leather scent. A spicy sensuality pervades this scent.

Wild Tobacco: Exudes the dry and distinguished smell of the gentleman’s club. Top notes of Clary Sage and Clove Buds open this fragrance with a fanfare of herb and spice. The heart is a blast of Virginian Cedar Wood Tobacco leaves, as rich and moist as nestles in a pipe itself and devoid of any harmful nicotine. Finally the base of Labdanum adds a sostenato chord of sensuousness and depth.

Prices from £70/50mls. Available exclusively at Harrods.