At first glance this may look like an ordinary box of tablets, but on closer inspection, you’ll find that you are mistaken. Furthermore, with regular usage you’ll find that you’re astounded. So what is in that box exactly?


The box in question contains 1 months supply of Imedeen man•age•ment, a revolutionary new anti-ageing skin care supplement that combats the ageing process from the inside out. Imedeen have been the pioneers of internal skincare since 1991, and their latest project sees them formulate anti-ageing skin care tablets specifically for men.

“The efficacy and quality of Imedeen skincare tablets is unparalleled in today’s market.” Dr Lars Lindmark, Nutritional Expert

Imedeen skincare tablets work in the deep dermal layer – untouched by traditional moisturisers – to improve fundamental skin structure and quality. Experts claim that taking two tablets daily Imedeen man•age•ment will result in younger, better, healthier looking skin in just 90 days.

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