Apeish makes a return to the work of Paris based designer Aïssa Logerot, but with good cause, the man is thinking so far outside the box, he can barely even see it. Such is the case with Aïssa’s ‘Instable’. Ordinarily, one would of thought a table that was unstable would be completely and utterly useless (well on hindsight, you could play some pretty good pranks with it), but the Instable has managed to use instability and hone it into a piece of functional beauty.

“This table has an unstable surface. The weight of objects is shown because it distorts the surface. It is possible to turn over the wood sticks and personalise the table for different situation (graphics, games, message…)” -Aïssa Logerot

It’s unclear whether this table will make it into mass production, but I for one hope it does; imagine the look on your guests faces the first time they put down their cup of tea, or the shock as they attempt to lean on the table… priceless.