MS Fashion® has offered the leaders of the three main political parties a collection of pioneering new odour eating miracle shirt ahead of the first Prime ministerial TV debates.

The party leaders may be tempted to take up the offer in an attempt to avoid making headlines for all the wrong reasons with sweat patches often seen as a sign of stress, embarrassment and weakness.

At the Labour conference in 2001, then Prime Minister Blair finished his speech looking as though he had just had just run a marathon rather than deliver a party address. With this year’s election hanging in the balance, all three party leaders are looking to avoid anything that may distract the public from political policy.

MS Fashion® is the unlikely fusion between Major Boothroyd, nano-technology powerhouse, and Fashion Entrepreneur Andrea Sachs. The duo met at a Royal Institute Science & Discovery lecture chaired by Major Boothroyd in 2007. Their vision was to create smart clothing, accessible to the mass market that “worked harder for the user than just helping them look classy”.

“This latest innovation has taken fashion to the next level,” explained Andrea Sachs. “The technology means that men no longer have to worry about those embarrassing moments and can handle the most pressurising situations. It’s no wonder that big names in the public eye, such as Gordon Brown and David Cameron, are contemplating being the first to take advantage of our ground-breaking products.”

Initial consumer research has been incredibly favourable with over 80% of men saying they would definitely buy an MS Fashion® shirt and 1 in 2 stating they would replace their entire shirt wardrobe with the odour eating miracle shirt© range. This news comes as MS Fashion® announced that they hope to add trousers, socks, sportswear and underwear to the odour eating range.

Odour eating miracle shirts© are sold exclusively at at prices competitive to the market, in a range of colours, styles and sizes to meet even the most discerning consumer need.

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