I used to think it was only women that tinkered around with products that were meant for other uses, and turning them into the latest skincare ‘must have’, but it seems I was wrong. I remember a few years back, there was a phase of women using haemorrhoid cream on their face to reduce the appearance of bags under their eyes and dark circles; I wonder who the first woman was to try that out? Brave.

Men on the other hand, aren’t quite as adventurous, they just tend to use their wives, girlfriends, sisters or mothers skin care equivalent, or so I thought. I’ve heard of men experimenting with alternatives to pre-shave oil, such a baby oil, and olive oil but recently I was rather surprised to learn of a new product taking the interest of shaving men – a product from a range produced for pregnant women. To be fair it’s not as bad as it sounds, unlike haemorrhoid cream, at least it’s meant for the face.

The product in question is the Argan & Calendula Facial Massage oil from Blooming Babe Spa; natural range of beauty products formulated to help women enjoy rather than endure pregnancy. If the Massage oil works, it works, but I will say that it shows that men will try anything in pursuit of that perfect shave.

So if you feel like taking the stress out of her (and indirectly your) pregnancy, or want to be adventurous and try out an alternative to the conventional pre-shave oil, Blooming Babe Spa could well have the answer.