Siberian winter – that’s what the forecasters have laid down as our fate over the next few months; at least for those of us in the UK. If this does indeed prove to be the case, people will begin to find more solace in the comfort of their four walls. Traditionally we would look to a spitting fire to induce warmth and retain interest (with the flames mesmeric motion) but nowadays the closest you’ll get to a naked flame is a candle.

From Canadian Magazine Inventory, comes a collaboration with Joya, a small factory and candle producer in Brooklyn, New York. The result is a rich smelling candle called Inventory Item 012; a very pleasant combination of Fig, Sunwashed Oak & Amber. Candles will become a staple piece for homes this winter, and Inventory Item 012 is definitely a good place to start.

Estimated burning time: 60h


Available at Inventory Stockroom and Dover Street Market