After covering the launch of Navigations Through Scent by Molton Brown I was intrigued to find more about the creative force behind it and in particular, capturing the scent of a location which must have been a sizeable task to face . Although I haven’t been to some of the featured locations the descriptions and fragrances did, incredibly, match my imagination of the location – some achievement, you must agree? The ‘nose’ behind this success is the delightful Jennifer Jambon who was at the launch and fortunately for me, personally guided me through the scents. Jennifer was able to tell me what ingredient I was experiencing at a specific point during smelling each scent; such as the emergence of Indonesian Patchouli in Singosari, it was remarkable. I am pleased to have been able to interview her and share a perspective of fragrance manufacture not always seen.

CB: What inspired you into the world of fragrance?

JJ: What inspired me was the combination of science and art required to create a new fragrance. Science gives new ingredients to perfumers, and then it is an art to use them in an innovative and aesthetic blend. The nature is very inspiring for me with all the odours that exist and that you can interpret in a fragrance.

CB: How has the world of fragrance changed from when you first began?

JJ: It changed quite a lot as now there are many more launches than a year ago, I used to know all the fragrances around and all the new ones too. Now there are so many new launches and flankers or limited editions that it is very hard to know all the new fragrances in the market. Consumers are much more aware and knowledgeable about fragrances and ingredients, it makes it more interesting for me and more challenging to be unique and original.

CB: Is there any particular ingredient that you have wanted to work with but haven’t been able to yet? Why?

JJ: I would like to work with yerba-mate because I think it is an interesting odour and it reminds me when I was living in Latin America.


CB: When creating Molton Brown Navigations Through Scent what was your main objective?

JJ: My main objective was to create fragrances that are different to what you can find on the market, using beautiful natural ingredients originating from the country that they represent.

CB: Would you say that all your fragrances have a signature to them?

JJ: I think they are quite unusual, unisex fragrances with a complex structure and spices and wood have an important role in them.

CB: Other than Molton Brown Navigations Through Scent, which three fragrances are your favourite of all time?

JJ: Deci-dela from Nina Ricci, the first fragrance from Lolita Lempicka, and Iris Pallida from L’artisan Parfumeur.

CB: If there was any one piece of advice you can give anyone, what would it be? 

JJ: Try the fragrance for at least a couple of hours before buying a fragrance to make sure you like the middle and base note as sometime the fragrance is quite different from the top note that you smell in the store.