What a fantastic start to the day when this superb video of Formula 1 star Jenson Button landed in the Ape to Gentleman inbox revealing him getting, for want of a different word; ‘punk’d’.

Using hidden cameras, planted actors and enlisting the help of his closest friends, the head&shoulders team went behind the scenes on a day with Jenson and sought to expose the true side of his character, revealing what really goes on in his mind when put in to a tricky situation.

The vodcast sees the 2009 Formula One™ World Champion and Style Icon being hoaxed in to a tricky situation while riding in the passenger seat of a Nissan Micra – a far cry away from the McLaren MP4-26 race car that he’ll be racing this year.

The viral opens with Jenson being driven to a head&shoulders photo shoot by a member of the production staff. Things quickly turn for the worse when the car is pulled over by police for what appears to be a faulty reversing light. Caught without ID or insurance, the officer threatens to take them both into custody. As tension rises we see Jenson get increasingly panicked as the driver reveals to him that he shouldn’t actually be on the road.

The hoax is revealed when police backup is called in and the shifty looking police officer that has been lingering in the background is revealed as Jenson’s best mate Richie donning a fake beard.

Watch and enjoy the video below…

Excellent work from the head&shoulders team and needless to say, Jenson handled it like a true gent.

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