To celebrate the patron saint of shoe making John Lobb are set to release an exquisite shoe known as the Saint Crepin. This is in tribute to shoemakers who traditionally honoured their saint by creating works of art through innovative and unique techniques.


The tribute shoe was released today, the 25th October (Saint Crispin’s day), encompassing the shoemaker’s ethos and intricate composition for elegance. The style of choice is a simple oxford with a plain capped toe, one that was crafted on the 8000 last using the John Lobb prestige process. This craft includes elements of  there made- to measure procedure, helping to create a perfectly elegant product. Final detailings include tapered heels, rounded sole bottoms and hand sculpted waists.



The John Lobb 2011 is the first limited edition offering, available in two colours. A prune suede and a classic dark brown number calmly flattered by a bronze lord calf lining. The contrasting lining is a signature touch for all items in the collection. A subtle yet intricate touch to what is already a walking masterpiece.