Esteemed clothing designer John Varvatos and world-renowned senior perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, join creative forces yet again to unveil their latest fragrant masterpiece – Artisan Black. Having teamed in the past, the dynamic duo have built a formidable relationship that now spans an impressive 10-year reign. To say the pair posses an inner understanding of each other’s motivations and strengths is an understatement to say the least.

Garnering worldwide recognition and noted accolades along the way, Varvatos established himself as one of fashion’s finest purveyors of tailored clothing and sportswear yet still harbored a deep underlying passion for fragrances that eventually had to be met. Stumbling into Rodrigo’s perfume house, the duo immediately swapped creative juices and began production shortly after. Working through several modifications, the pair agreed upon Hidden Detail – one of Rodrigo’s signature scents to be named the namesake perfume, and the rest is as they say history.

Crafting a fragrance from beginning to end is a tireless process, which requires an inordinate amount of patience.

“It’s not unusual that between the original idea and the fragrance that hits the counter, that maybe years have lapsed and the changes can amount to the thousands”. Rodrigo Flores-Roux

However, true to his inbred demeanor, John involved himself closely with the step-by-step development of Artisan Black, which bears his signature imprint – age-old craftsmanship meshed with a modernistic interpretation.

Envisioning a cologne directed towards the masculine, contemporary gentleman, Artisan Black embodies a refreshingly uncomplicated scent tying in a sophisticated sexy edge. Laced with tangerine, meyer lemon, Italian blood orange, ginger, coriander, murraye flower amongst a list of so much more – Artisan Black is an intelligently bold amalgamation of bright citrus, sensual woodiness infused with leathery chypre accents.

Adorned in an emblematic Varvatos aesthetic, the hand woven bottle features a black lacquer finish elegantly fitting for such an exquisite creation.