The importance of scent in creating a complete environment has seen the popularity of candles keep pace with the growing men’s grooming industry. At the fore front of the niche end of this movement is creative collective JOYA of New York, whose hand poured scented creations and bring smells to life. Their most recent work is a collaboration with the ‘Blind Barber’.

“When we were designing the scent of the candle we envisioned walking into our barber shop and being hit with the clean smell of fresh towels,” – Jeff Laub, The Blind Barber

The candles, which feature soy wax and are hand-poured in New York City, also have key notes of Honey, Smoke, Leather and Lavender, each chosen because of their inherent connection to the barber shop.


Derived from the sweet smell of whiskey you get as the glass reaches your mouth. (Each service at the Blind Barber comes with a complimentary cocktail.)


A slight hint of smoke is reminiscent of the lingering smell of smoke from jackets hung on the coat rack.


The element of leather is a reminder of the way barbers used to sharpen their razor right before they shaved a man’s beard.


A signature finishing touch to all of the Blind Barber shaves.  The essential oil is used to instill a sense of calm after a shave.

The notes are eclectic yet fit perfectly together; just like the candle’s namesake Tompkins Square Park as well as the East Village where the Blind Barber is located.

The candles are midnight blue and are housed in “Barbicide” jars – the iconic, stainless steel and moulded glass jars commonly used by barbers. The metal lids are a nod to the heritage of the candle, reminiscent of the ‘Snuffers’ which were historically used to put extinguish the candle’s flame.


Small (6.2 oz) and Large (23.6 oz), the candles will retail for $32.00 and $88.00 respectively.

Blind Barber candles and men’s grooming products are available to the world from