Pendleton, based out of Portland, Oregon in the US is an American clothing company renowned for high-quality and domestically-made fabrics. The story begins with English immigrant and weaver, Thomas Kay arrived on the West Coast in 1863 to begin work in the woolen mills of Oregon and in 1909 founded the Pendleton Woolen Mills. The company made blankets, moving into clothing – including uniforms for the US military during WW2. Pendleton went from strength to strength with its wool plaid shirt becoming popular with The Beach Boys and subsequently; American youth.

Today, the company has 70 retail stores – makes clothing and blankets for men and women, with their woolen fabrics and blankets still woven in Pacific Northwest mills. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Thomas Kay’s US arrival, Pendleton have created a capsule collection with New York based Joya Candles.

Joya’s commitment to local manufacturing matches that of Pendleton – with all candles being hand-poured and packaged with custom matches and pouch, all made in the USA.

3 Fragrances

  • Cedar and Suede – notes of musk, saddle leather, damask rose, redwood chips and cedar leaf.
  • Wood Smoke – notes of Texas cedarwood, incense, birch tar, cade, thyme and vetiver.
  • Mission Chai – notes of clove bud oil, ginger, Hawaiian sandalwood and cinnamon bark.