Contemporary fragrance brand JUSBOX have released four new fragrances- all a salute to the psychedelic social and musical revolution of the late sixties. They are the first fragrance house to be inspired by our emotional response to music- we don’t know why we like a song or a scent- we just do.

The four new releases are inspired by particular moments in the history of music- the music of the Beat Generation, Psychedelia, the Eighties and the moment when technology really entered live performance in the 1990’s. They have worked with two of the finest noses in the world- Dominique Ropion and Antoine Lie.

Jusbox Edp Collection.jpg

Inspired by a decade full of decadence, pleasure and excess; both the fragrance and its name pays tribute to The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream Free Speech Benefit which was held in London in 1967. This huge marathon of music, theatre, dance and poetry brought together 40 rock bands and even saw a performance from rock legends Pink Floyd. We particularly like the fantastic bottle too- the cap is a vinyl record. It’s a great story and concept, our favourite is Beat Cafe which smells like cognac. The other three include 14Hour Dream, Use Abuse and Micro Love.

The JUSBOX collection is available now at Selfridges with an RRP of £130 for each 78ml fragrance.